RE: Should same sex marriage be legalized in every state?

And it’s even sadder that you don’t respect opinions that differ from your own. The fact that you accuse me of being ignorant, and then wish death upon me because my views on traditional marriage don’t match yours proves that you’re the ignorant one. I simply gave my opinion on a subject, asshole. if you want to debate the subject that’s fine with me too. You’ve already shown that you’re too stupid to know the difference between an opinion, and a lengthy pontification of the subject. But then again when your parents are brother and sister I guess we can’t expect too much logic or intelligence out of you. Tell us,did your mom take a triple dosage of laxatives to bring you into the world?  I’m guessing that you must’ve been conceived through anal sex, because being that much of a fucking asshole isn’t natural. So go back to studying the crack in your ass in front of a mirror, you sperm belching jizz jar.