RE: Should a Privately-Owned Business Be Able To Refuse Providing a Service To a Customer?

Society…..that’s an incredibly vulgar display there.  As a self proclaimed “all red woman”, your response is very blue.  I don’t expect that my small, personal boycott will do anything but deprive those companies of a meager profit.  It’s not supposed to.  Frankly, my profession and career mean far more to me than inciting large scale social change.  I’m not willing to invest the time and resources to change the minds of people who, when so told, believe that starvation is prosperity, that force is acceptable and that theft is profit.  I go about my life in a productive manner and expect those around me to do so.  Those that do, I deal with, those that don’t, I in turn don’t.  I don’t appreciate your holier than thou attitude and, frankly, am surprised that you would promote such an attitude.

Jeff… I’d said, I chose that link based on convenience.  Check out the Independent Journal or Home Depot its self.

I expected better from this site.  When I saw the Argue Anything deal on FB, I was excited.  A chance to talk with people and share ideas in an intelligent manner?  Sign me up.  What I’ve found here is the same tripe one can find at a dive bar with bad music and belligerent fools.  No thank you.