RE: Should a Privately-Owned Business Be Able To Refuse Providing a Service To a Customer?

Turk, the LGBT community does this on a daily basis.  They are well aware of what companies are LGBT friendly and patron them.  Here’s a sample list on my end

Companies I don’t support and a brief why:
1)  AutoZone :  A few Christmas’ ago, one was being robbed.  An employee went to his vehicle, retrieved his weapon and WENT BACK IN to save his manager.  He succeeded and was fired.  This was 10 days before Christmas.  The employee is prior Air Force (as am I).

2)  Starbucks:  They won’t send their product to paying customers because of the companies hatred for the men and women who make them selling a product possible.  Starbucks can rot.

3)  Wal Mart:  Pretty much everything is made in China.

4)  Nike:  Child slavery, ridiculous profit.  Micheal Jordan pockets 70% of the sticker price.  Those of you who cry about gas prices (profit of 8-10%) bitch and moan in your pair of Nike’s made by the finest 7 year old craftsman China can produce.

5)   Home Depot:  Bowing  to Sharia Law in America.  No regard for the fact that every place in the world that Sharia law is practiced, is a place where business can not prosper.