RE: Should a Privately-Owned Business Be Able To Refuse Providing a Service To a Customer?

“Forced by their own government to violate their religious beliefs” is long on rhetoric and short on substance.  We all have to follow the laws whether we like them or not.  We don’t get a get out of jail free card just because our imaginary friends conveniently don’t like those laws, either.

Nor does your logic follow at all.  The controversy is over whether sex discrimination should be a prohibited category for discrimination, as is currently the case in some states and already is for race and religion everywhere.  It has nothing to do with forcing anyone to express any message they disagree with.  If the Cake Nazi had refused to make a wedding cake for an atheist couple, that would have been religious discrimination.  But she would have been fully within her rights to refuse to write “there is no God” on their cake.