RE: Sarah Palin: Bold Speaker of Truth or Brainless Nitwit?

Once again ZenPoop’s grand attempt at humor falls flat. Why am I not surprised. ZenPoop, you seem to have this misguided notion that you speak for some secret, ultracool clique hidden out there somewhere, when you know full and well that there’s nothing even remotel “cool” or “entertaining” about you.¬†On the contrary you sound much more like the nerdy, easily snappable, much picked on “abuse unit” on the school bus years ago. I can picture you with the “floods over” pants, white socks, glasses held together with masking tape, pocket protector, and being the victim of¬†countless, well orchestrated locker room towel snappings…LMAO. Tell us, do you still wear your “Proud To Be A Mathlete” t-shirt from 30 something years ago?