RE: Sarah Palin: Bold Speaker of Truth or Brainless Nitwit?

Geez, you guys are animals with your insults…arguing yes, but insults?

Sarah Palin is very pretty and a total idiot. She shamelessly self-promotes and is as common as any white trash anywhere. Her family is in disarray; she should have stayed home and worked on fixing that…

And Joyce, you are SERIOUSLY kidding to suggest that people don’t vote based on looks, right??? Some of the best leaders ever never got their moment to shine on a national scale because they weren’t telegenic enough or wouldn’t have been attractive enough to instill confidence in millions of people. Perhaps they were short or had strong ethnic features, etc. I’m a Republican, but I’d vote for Bill Clinton. Because he looks SMART. He looks CONFIDENT. He LOOKS like a leader! And no, Lincoln WASN’T the greatest leader in history. Jesus, I so hate it when I read that statement. How on earth can people keep repeating such bullshit?!!!