RE: Sarah Palin: Bold Speaker of Truth or Brainless Nitwit?

Well ZenPoop, we all understand that you’re an imbecile, although I have to admit your “tinfoil hat scribblings” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean?) remark does show some slight promise in your intellectual advancement. I’m not too sure how much credence we should give to your “failed comedian” quip, since you strike us as the guy who laughs uproariously on Tuesday mornings, because you’re just getting the jokes told on Saturday night. Not that it’s really that important to anyone, except you apparently, I’ll respond again. Yes, a huge percentage, but not all, of democrat women are pretty ugly. However if you’re the type that has wet dreams over Debbie Wasserman (or is it really Dee Snyder?) Janet Reno, Donna Shalala, and the other “beauties” in the dem party, well that’s just something that I’d think you’d want to keep a secret, and not share with anyone. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”!!!