RE: Sarah Palin: Bold Speaker of Truth or Brainless Nitwit?

My condolences regarding you past close proximity to such a horrible person.  I’ve seen many example of him speaking, and seriously, the “without context” excuse doesn’t cut it. If he can’t answer a question intelligibly then I don’t need the “context” of being in the same room with him to know that he was unprepared to give an answer on the question. It’s impossible for any politician to be fully prepared for every possible question. The issue here is that people assume that Sarah Palin isn’t intelligent because she has, admittedly, been unprepared. But, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s been right many times when Obama has been so clearly wrong. That, to me, is a far more credible example of Obama’s lack of intelligence… his consistently being wrong on the issues. Now, you might counter that he says things that are essentially incorrect for political cover, but his miscalculations have cost us dearly, and one would expect more of someone who claims (or is claimed) to be an intellectual. I could also add that people that know him from academia have called Obama lazy and unqualified… but then we’re getting quite off the topic there.