RE: Racism

Ummm……. It’s kinda messed up. Why should race matter when you interact with people? Btw, I’m not asking that to you Noah. I’m stating it as a hypothetical question to any readers. Why does race matter? Even here in the United States where statistics show certain things based on race, it shouldn’t. It’s creating stereotypes. For example, over 50% of crimes in America are committed by black people, but it’s not because they’re black. Color has nothing to do with with. It’s because of how parents raised them, by “them” I mean all criminals, not black people. Criminals are criminals because of how they were raised. There are criminals of all colors, so it’s not just one race. Poorness is the cause of criminals, not race. When you are struggling to survive, you will become desperate. Your morals will shift. You must live and hurting others without killing them starts to look ok as long as you don’t die. They live, you live. That is the mindset of the average criminal. But then we got the people that have been in that mindset so deep and long (that’s what she said). Now they lost empathy and are willing to kill. Everything is cause and effect. Everything leads to something.


In conclusion, don’t judge a person by their race. Take into account of whatever they had to suffer. But do not give any leniency to anyone for race either. Treat them the same as if they were your brother or sister. Care for them, but punish them when they do wrong. Regardless of their color. Be color blind.