RE: Pro-Gun vs Anti-Gun

TheAbnormalVermin, assuming we¬†do not need them is not an acceptable excuse. You do not know if we will ever need them. A day may come that our government becomes too powerful and attempts to oppress the citizens. The second amendment was made for that exact reason. Also, it’s so important that it was the second variable that our founders considered. We should be allowed to have a way to protect ourselves if/when our government becomes tyrannical. Removing guns from society will not ever stop violence or killing. The criminals will always have ways to obtain powerful weapons. Removing guns will only leave the innocent defenseless while not affecting the criminals at all. They will still be able to obtain guns illegally. The problem is not guns, it’s the people. We need to set guidelines for raising children so that no parent is able to raise a child so incorrectly that the child grows up to be demented in the first place. The problem is parenting, not guns.