RE: Pro-Gun vs Anti-Gun

did you know that most shootings occur using handguns.

I am pro-gun, but the reason i bring up that statistic is because there is a stereotype for guns now. AR stands for Armalite, not assault rifle. More shootings occur using hanguns.

Also there have been shootings stopped by good guys with guns. i would like to protect myself with a weapon if i am ever in danger. 

If you notice, cities and countries with stricter gun laws have higher crime rates. When you think of chicago you think; Big city, Lake Michigan, and crime. Crime being one of the first things people think of. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US.

Unlike what anti-gun corporations try to trick you into thinking, the US is not the worst for mass shootings in the past couple of years. Venezuela and El Salvador long surpass us. we are ranked around the low thirties.