RE: Pro-Gun vs Anti-Gun

When people ask me why someone would need the AR15 platform for hunting, I tell them about the feral hog problem in Texas.  I’ve seen 20 200-300 pound hogs ripping up my friends farm.  They are invasive, damaging to ecosystems, and make good meat to donate to those that need it.  A .300 blackout or a Lapua .338 are great hog hunting rifles.

but maybe we should have to register our high capacity mags.  Not not have them, but have them at least at the level it took to buy the rifle.

wont fix everything.  Just throwing out ideas past the 1st couple of talking points.

also, the reason why I decided to post.  I don’t agree with calling anyone a pussy, but I don’t need a weapon to feel safe;

A story about a Samurai and his “No sword school”

Bokuden was challenged by a mannerless ruffian. When asked about his style, Bokuden replied that he studied the “Style of No Sword”. The ruffian laughed and insultingly challenged Bokuden to fight him without a sword. Bokuden then agreed to fight the man without his sword but suggested they row out to a nearby island on Lake Biwa to avoid disturbing others. The ruffian agreed, but when he jumped from the boat to the shore of the island, drawing his blade, Bokuden pushed the boat back out, leaving the ruffian stranded on the island. Bokuden explained: “This is my no-sword school”.

Have a good day