RE: pc is way better than any console

I disagree, I think that consoles are superior to PC’s and still have a place in gaming. Consoles are a cheaper alternative to PC’s. You can buy a PS4 or XBOX ONE for 200$, while the cheapest PC build that can run next-gen games is 400$. If you’re a lazy person you might not want to build a PC and not building it yourself will cost you more money. My experience with PC gaming has brought me to believe that PC platform has a hard time controlling hackers/cheaters. First person shooting games such as COD do not last long, before being riddled with hackers.  While the PC platform does have many great exclusives, so does console gaming. Playstation and Microsoft have some of the best exclusive line ups such as Halo, The Last of Us, Infamous, Uncharted, etc.  Consoles have shaped new PC designs such as the steam gaming machine and steam controller. It is clear that consoles are doing something right if PC platforms are taking inspiration from consoles. Also consoles have a hard-core fan base deep rooted in nostalgia that will continue to support the thing they love. Also people should note that when triple AAA titles such as COD, AC, and Far Cry come out developers always have consoles players in mind first. While PC technology moves faster than console technology, this makes console developers more innovated with making ideas than will last. For an example PlayStation use of touchpads/sensors in gaming  and Microsoft use of voice control(cortana) and cameras in gaming. Consoles will always have there place in the gaming community.