I believe, like any other mental illness or disorder, there are varying degrees one can experience within each. I don’t think its fair to say “you either have it or you don’t” because the human brain is uncharted territory. there is so much going on in there that we don’t yet know about, and every persons brain functions differently. a person can experience symptoms of a mental illness and not actually have it, so therefor they are experiencing what its like to have the illness…. just not at the same severity of another person who say has been clinically diagnosed with the disease. But just because its less pertinent, doesn’t make it any less real. 

With OCD in particular though, people tend to throw this term around a lot because they are ignorant to the topic which is completely normal… why learn about a disease you don’t have? People say they are OCD if they care that their kitchen is messy, when in reality this is not what OCD is like at all. People make these claims mostly because of a lack of understanding.