RE: Muhammad Ali was overrated

I know most people are too rattled by guilt to say anything negative about Muhammad the Mouth, considering he doesn’t even know who he is anymore, but let’s be honest with ourselves as we look over his career. He won the title against a 40 something Liston, who clearly wasn’t trying in the first fight, and who blatantly threw the second fight, going down from a light “love tap” to the chin that wouldn’t have hurt a passing mosquito. Youtube it if you don’t believe it. He then defended his title against some absolute horrible competition, including a grand tour of Europe against so called fighters who wouldn’t even be rated in the top 10  Women Division of today. When he came back, after having his license suspended from punking out from the draft, he lost to Frazier, Norton, and surprise, surprise, LEON SPINKS of all people. Ever watch Spinks fight? He made Primo Carnera look like Sugar Ray Robinson. I hate to think what an in his prime Tyson would’ve done to Ali.