RE: Islam: Religion of peace or…

But hold up, I thought it was 15% or maybe 35%. To come to think of it, could it be 45% or is it just around the 5%? Actually, I heard one report say it was roughly 22%. But I’m not sure, I feel that it could be near 10%; yes, that makes more sense. Doesn’t it? 

Does it really matter at the end of the day? People are dying, many at the hands of corrupt governments and organizations while the media is claiming this and that. We the people, the sad sad people, are simply toyed with. We’re led to believe certain ideas and even our opinions are formulated for us. 

We argue and fret, we call each other this and that–insulting ourselves into the night and yet we fail to offer an opinion that offers some solution grounded in facts that can be verified and vetted. 

We fail ourselves the moment we think only to appease the vox populi.