RE: is trump a good president

Ok first of all,how is someone suppose to control what the kkk does,tell me that,trump doesnt control who supports him or not,people spread rumors and other stories and some pick up on that and are like “that’s the president for me,so trump doesnt have control who follows him,just of what he says,some people may take it one way,some may take it another,so what,and Hes said on countless occasions that he doesnt think what nationalism groups arent a problem on the rising right now,and they’re not.And you’re opinion about the deal made with north korea,without facts or evidence is just a bunch jumbled up nonsense,so try again on that,and it depends how you define cages,the cages as well,they’re actually being sent to facilities,being provided water and food,being cared for by men and women,and being watched over and protected by border control units,its basically no different from child protective services taking kids away from parents here In the us,and putting them in a foster homes,there only been one news source that usally goes up there,and they call them cages,but they’re are just fences separating kids so they can be looked after by the right amount of women,men and border control units,so before you start staying the false facts,why dont you read up about it buddy.