RE: is trump a good president

I think he is a great president with a few policies that he should throw out the window. One policy I dislike is the building of the wall. I am highly against illegal immgration for many reasons and I feel like there are good intentions behind building a wall, but it would not be very effective considering the cost. It would decrease illegal immigration from Mexico a little bit; however, if someone is willing to cross the border illegally and wants to be in America that much, they will find a way to get here. Most of the things Donald does benefits the economy, foreign relations, and the general public very well. To get one thing straight: All news sources are biased and we really can’t trust the opinions or most facts from FOX, CNBC, NY Times, or anything because they all are trying to sell something instead of provide something. An untainted view of the president would likely call him a below average president with an above average administration.