RE: is trump a good president

Putting children in cages with food and water and shelter is better than leaving them on the border. Have you noticed that they have to cross a desert to get to the border? Do you know that child sex trafficking happens on the mexican side of the border? Do you know that a lot of kids travel alone or that parents drag their kids through extremely dangerous areas, with some kids dying? We cant let the kids into the US because it is illegal immigration. We cant let them back into mexico because its dangerous. Best choice? Keep them in these centers. Secondly the cagea you talk about is from a picture taken during the obama administration. Now on to the wall. Trump didnt invent the idea of a wall. About 10 years ago even democrats called for reinforced borders or walls. Obama deported more people than any other president. Obama also increased the national debt more than Trump, if you do the math for how much money is added to the debt each year. Secondly, as a minority, i see that NONE of his comments are racist. Its just butthurt people who think an insult to someone who just turns out to be a minority is racism. His insults have nothing to do with skin color and is all about how that person is.