RE: is transgender a real thing

“There are male, female, and neutral nouns. (If you’ve ever taken a foreign language, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)” Other languages are irrelevant, in English it means biological sex. This is how it has always been used before modern feminists and millennials started warping it’s definition for their own political purposes.


“These binaries change based on societal norms, and pink was considered a “male” color until the 1930’s.” Colors maybe, but it’s scientifically observable that days old newborns have different preferences based on gender. Tests show that even before being introduced to any societal norms that baby girls prefer to look at faces while baby boys prefer specific types of objects.


“When we say things like “ladylike,” or “girly,” you’ll notice we are not talking about biological differences at all.” No, we are talking about biological differences. Males and females have different personality traits linked directly to their biological differences. The only exceptions are due to a biological mistake in their development or environmental stimuli during development.


“So although gender corresponds to biological sex (or at least it did), it means something else.” No, it only means biological sex. Only feminists and SJWs use it differently. The rest of the world does not accept the definition given by feminists and SJWs.


“Transgender, a term that did not exist until 1969, describes someone who is more comfortable in a social role that isn’t traditionally associated with their biological sex.” No, transgender is a term referring to someone in the process of changing their sex.


“Gender is a synonym for biological sex. However, the transgender community uses it to describe social identity.” The vast majority does not care how the transgender community uses it. It requires the acceptance of majority for language to evolve.


“Anthropologists (people scientists, basically) noticed this, and separated the terms to clear up the confusion.” No, feminists and SJWs did that. Science does not agree with feminists and SJWs on this.


“Academically, gender and sex are no longer equivalent terms.” Only in gender studies class. In science, they are synonyms.


“Although the modern use of gender is becoming more popular” No, it isn’t. Only feminists use the terms differently and the percentage of the population that is feminist is decreasing. Feminists are slowly becoming more outnumbered according to statistics.


“It is only a word.” Words have meanings which are specifically for the purpose of conveying thoughts. When you use them incorrectly, you warp the message being conveyed.