RE: is addiction a choice or an illness

I understand where you’re coming from but I wouldnt compare the addiction of drugs in specific to the hunger for food,that doesnt go very well,but I do agree with you on everything else for the most part,I just wouldnt make that comparison cuse, i dont feel like it’s a good,like i would compare it to an itch,one that doesnt go away so easily.
You’re sitting there watching tv,then you get an itch,and you then you itch it,its no big deal right(that would be the start of the drug consumption),but the next day you’re riding in the car,and that itch comes back,and you’re like wow that’s really itchy,so you stop the car and you itch it,and you’re like okay that’s over with,but then the next day hits and you and sitting in you’re little cubicle at work and then you get a really big itch and just quite cant reach without someone seeing you lift your shirt up and scratching it,so take you go to the bathroom and scratch it, and you’re like that feels alot better,why didnt I do that earlier,but you get I’m saying,it just progresses with time because it you’re body and mind start to fuel off of it,so it’s harder to stop when your main source of energy for you’re body and mind is the addiction,this is completely off topic,but it’s the same with weight loss,alot of people feel like carbohydrates are the best source of energy ,and alot of people fuel off of that,so if you dont get the right intake of carbs you’ve gotten you’re body use to,you’re gonna be tires,but if you wanted to change you’re fuel from carbon hydrates to fats, regularly transition over to eating more fats than carbohydrates and youre body will realize and instead of carbohydrates burning for energy, itll burn fats instead,so with you’re addiction,I know it sounds bad but if you’re addicted to heroin,try transitioning to marijuana slowly over time and slowly transition to fats or carbs,cuse going straight from one of those could seriously damage you obviously but in short,I just wanted to Express my point of view from how I see addiction to clear things up on my views of the whole situation