RE: I would like somebody of any religion to prove to me that God is loving and caring

Does your parents care about you? If you have a child, do you care about it? If not, when you have a child, will you care about it? Creators care about their creations, especially when it’s a life form. So, if we have a god, it must care. As for love…… what is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me….. no more. Sorry, couldn’t resist that joke. But seriously, how can we quantify love? I think love is nothing more than desire. You really enjoy something for whatever reasons (based on your personality) and the more variables about it you enjoy, the more you “love” it. It’s the same with partners. It starts with physical attraction. Something you enjoy. Who doesn’t like looking at pretty people? Then you get to know them and find more things to enjoy. Next thing you know you got a few kids and can’t stand them anymore. I want a divorce cause I’m not enjoying this anymore, Becky. Get what I’m saying?