RE: How can God exist? And if he does, why do you follow “Him”?

What do you know about hell? Unless you have experienced it, how can you know it is just some form of torture? Hell is likely the worst possible experience you can’t imagine. Of course I do not know, but hell is a very bad place and I believe it is a lake of fire. The bible describes it as a lake of fire. Do you want to go to a lake of fire? If you don’t, would you strive to avoid a lake of fire? Yes. That is not the point. God calls is to have faith and to love him. We should not worship him and have faith so that we do not be thrown into the lake of fire, instead we should do this because he loves us and he sent his son to die for us. Personally, I believe anyone trying to prove God’s existence through evidence is not going to hell for it, but they have the wrong idea. We must have faith in God and believe he is real and that he is good and infinitely immeasureably indescribably powerful. He sent his son to die for us because he loves us and wants us to love him back and come be with him in heaven.