RE: How can God exist? And if he does, why do you follow “Him”?

No one can really know if there is truly a God, Heaven, or Hell. The same goes for every religions’ beliefs. A belief is just a belief, and it is not something that is necessarily true. I’m Catholic, and believe in God. I believe God created everything in existence. I grew up in a religious family. I do always question how these beliefs began, and how this is possible, but when you really think about it, the Bible isn’t just a story. The Bible couldn’t have just been made up. There is, of course, something, somehow, behind this. I understand that you’re confused, but understand that these things can’t just come from nothing. I believe there is a higher power that watches over us, and created us. We go somewhere after death. It could be Heaven, it could be Hell, or it could be something else. But we can only truly know when we die. Also, your opinions on Heaven and Hell are very interesting. It’s difficult to understand your stance on Heaven and Hell if you don’t believe in God.