RE: How can God exist? And if he does, why do you follow “Him”?

I personally think there is a “god”,and when I say God I mean a being that created us not this ultimate being that is good in every way and caring like Christians have made God out to be ,I mean just a being that created,and whether that being be good or not,theres obviously something out there that made us,that’s a fact,we just dont know who or what did so,and to think there isn’t something that made us,is a actually pretty moronic(that was to the main question) @Lukeeeee You can not base everything off the bible,that’s what all of you Christians go straight towards,”oh well the bible said this”, “well the bible said this so that makes it true”,Fuck the bible man,the bible is just another book,its has so many alterations now,but you wanna know what,the first bible isnt any different from the newest bible,because both were written by man,humans,and theres nothing disproving that,and I got something else,and ive said it so many times in these types of arguments,religion is man made,okay,what makes you think out of every single religion,lemme save you some trouble,you didnt ,there is no right religion,religion was made by man because they are scared of the unknown,dont get me wrong, you wanna belive something, do it, I dont care,I’m not judging you,but RESPECT my opinions of God as well,instead of completely blowing me off and going straight to the bible for answers