RE: How can anyone call Abe Lincoln the greatest president???

PJ, when you say the worst, that’s really a relative term.  After reading this information in the link below, I disagree. He created a lot of enemies and therefore the PR information created about him was biased, which is never hard to do against someone who doesn’t engage in the kind of spin that leaders do nowadays to balance the negativity being spread about them. It sounds to me like he was a man of integrity and self-discipline.  It’s been mentioned above how Lincoln was so great bc he was self-taught, blah blah blah, but Johnson was illiterate until his 16 yo wife started teaching him at 18 yrs old, and he ALSO became president. Ge also went on to be rel-elected to the Senate AFTER his presidency was over, so a LOT of people thought he did a great enough job to believe he should go on leading them.

“Many people who opposed Johnson’s policies recognized that he acted with courage, consistency and integrity in support of the Constitution, even if he might have harbored some of the uglier prejudices of his upbringing and geographical background.

His home state of Tennessee, which earlier had been so angered by his support of the union, elected him again to the senate in 1875.

He is the only former President to later become a senator.

At the end of his first speech in the Senate Chamber, he received an ovation from many of those who earlier had so bitterly called for his removal. It was also his last speech, for he died a few months later.”