RE: How can anyone call Abe Lincoln the greatest president???

PJ, I completely disagree with you on all counts. Lincoln, like all presidents, was a huge egomaniac, and he consistently got rid of, in one way or another,┬áthose who opposed him or stepped on his toes. When the question comes up as to why he picked such shitty commanders, like Burnside, it’s obvious: the egomaniac had to make sure he was the ONLY one giving any real orders.

Lincoln didn’t “hold the whole country together”, either, Turk. C’mon, can you REALLY try to say that with ALL the levels of leaders involved, from Congress to military leaders, are you really going to say JUST Lincoln did it all? THAT is what drives me crazy: hearing that same, completely implausible response. Simply put, he could NOT have done it all. Our entire governing system ENSURES that one president, nor one military leaders, nor one senator CAN’T do it all.

The only way Lincoln got his moments of glory was because of all the leaders who also were working to a common end. This country has NEVER had just one leader. But when people talk about Lincoln, it’s like there wasn’t even a damned Congress, that he just made all the good decisions and everything worked out. He made a LOT of bad decisions, often just by the military commanders he put in charge, that caused our soldiers to be slaughtered. And he wasn’t a saint; he did a lot of shitty stuff to a lot of people.