RE: “Hey Jude” sucks and was probably the worst Beatles song

I was born in 1948 and was a DIE HARD BeaTles fan; in addition. I was (and still am, on occasion) in a band.  This song simply SUCKS! It SUCKS in the generic sense; it sucks in the microcosm;  and it sucks in the venereal [sic] sense … IT JUST SUCKS! It’s a pimp – a put-on that the BeaTles made of bucket of $ off of when they were too drugged-out to write anything with merit.

The melody is 3rd grade. The lyrics are vapid and banal; and, of the greatert offense to those of us who were gulled into thinking of the BeaTles were our “spiritual leaders,” the 17 minutes of mind-numbing NA, NA NA.. NA NA NA NA is an obvious attempt to brainwash the listener into thinking that basic keyboard finger exercises are art.  Paul: FOR SMAME!!! You deserve to be a Walrus!!!