RE: Given that we have no free will noone should be held morally culpable for anything.

I’m saying that irrespective of whether the Universe is deterministic, that is we are all like gears in a clock ticking away until we reach our pre-determined destiny, or whether the Universe is probabilistic, that is, paths are not set and things are determined by chance events, free will is an impossibility.  To be clear, either situation does not allow for free will.  

If we all have a pre-ordained destiny, then surely you agree that we have no real choice in life, no real free will.  By definition, something is not a choice if the result is predetermined.

If things are determined by chance events, say the positions of atoms in the Universe are determined by some quantum probability which is impossible to predetermine, then again, we do not have choice because we are all prisoners of chance.    

I define free will as making decisions without the significant influence of factors that we do not control.  So it is possible.