RE: Feminists (good and bad) convince me that feminism is good

Men will be assigned because we are on average and naturally stronger, faster, more durable, and willing to take risks. When it comes to physically strenuous activities, men are biologically better equipped. We are biologically different and therefore can never be perfect equals. We are equal by other means. Men are the physical side and women are the emotional and birthing side. We need both to be balanced. Do not downgrade your importance just because you are not as physically adept as we are. We require you to balance out society. You play a very important role in humanity. Just as important as men. We only hold the majority of power due to our physical differences, but it is how our species is designed. We must be on the front line of danger because you take roughly nine months to form offspring, which leaves you nearly defenseless. You are the largest factor in creating life that keeps our species alive while we throw ourselves into danger to protect that. We need you to be what you naturally are and we be what we naturally are for our species to survive.