RE: Feminists (good and bad) convince me that feminism is good

Feminist now is not what it was back then. I can’t stand the way feminist now show themselves. Back then it was showing that women are strong, have a voice, equal pay, etc. Now its a bunch of ignorant children playing pretend. We are talking about a generation that eats tidpods and can’t take their eyes off of a phone. They paint on their clothes and don’t expect any attention, they then proceed to assault the male or female (only 2 genders) who touches them. is that not wrong? yes, males and females (only 2 genders) should not touch someone else’s body without consent but her throwing her body out there is wrong as well. Women now are trying to get the wrong attention and they are doing the most bizarre things to accomplish that. Also back then feminism was real equality it wasn’t i hate men and they are all bad. Why? because that isn’t equality. Feminism needs to go back to the old days.