RE: Feminists (good and bad) convince me that feminism is good

It’s too general when we talk about feminism in America. There are many countries where women suffer. I live in Lebanon and we truly suffer. We have this tradition where women should clean the house, cook every meal, take care of her kids, serve guests alone…Where as the men would go to their work and come back home without being a part of all this (But after all it depends on the house and the people). We have laws that are very sexist honestly. This first law, that was put up a long time ago and was changed a year ago, is if a woman was raped then it’s her fault. The second law is if a man is beating a woman then it’s okay because he’s teaching her “manners”. I think that these laws are very very discriminating and unfair. I currently interviewed a woman who works in the media and she told me that even if she has the same job as a man in her department, she’s always paid less. It’s not only these cases, it’s also beauty pageants. Every contestant is very skinny and has a tanned body and all those things. Is that really the meaning of beauty? I find it very fat shaming. It’s like the new series of Debby Ryan “Insatiable” where she had to become skinnier just to feel beautiful. In my opinion feminism is a great mouvement in many countries especially in the Middle East.