RE: Feminism, revised ideology. Is Feminism Wrong?

The mere fact I never stated as door opening as an “Issue”, and the introduction to the door opening as a real issue conflicts with your argument. My guess, is you are one of the many feminist activists, which there nothing wrong with that to begin with. Your beliefs are truly yours and all who want to believe. I am not stating or saying in any way or form that all feminists should rot or become non-existent. I do stand corrected from my argument on the pay gap, as I’ve come to realize it doesn’t actually exist. I can prove that with logic right now stating the following example. (If a company pays every man $10.00 and to women $7.00 for every hour worked for the same occupation, companies would only hire women as they would make a huge market benefit, companies are really anal like that. And the same ideology vise-versa.) My argument is towards Feminism because I believe it is wrong, which is my belief. Feminism is not a “disease that’s inflicting your (my) life.” It is simply inflicting with my beliefs, which no one has to care about because “It is my belief”. I am only here to argue for what I believe in, and being more concerned to what kind of man I am? A statement Irrelevant and irrational towards the topic of the argument. Let’s not forget the goal of Feminism to begin with, simply, “equality”. Simply by biology, men are physically stronger then women, but that doesn’t give a woman a free ticket to evade a conflict with a man to begin with. I believe whoever the aggressor in a conflict starts a problem, deserves what gets to them because they shouldn’t have started a physical conflict to begin with. Regardless of what gender you are. You get what’s coming to you. A new point, women have rights which men to do posses as well (speaking within the U.S). I can state 5 legal rights women have simply because they are women that men do not have.
1. Women are almost granted custody of children by default unless the man can prove to is unfit to part.
2. “Women get more leaniant sentences for equivalent crimes, see estimating gender disparities and federal criminal cases” by Sonja B. Starr
3. A woman can get a male co-worker fired from his job simply by accusing him of sexual harassment, even without proving it.
4. In California, a woman can declare a man to be the father of her child and sue him for child support. and it is up to the man to take a DNA test which he will only have 30 days to do so, even if the man proves to not be the father later, he can still be sued.
5. A woman can sue a sperm donor for child support. Even if she stole the sperm donation.
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