RE: Feminism, is it a hate movement?

If a group of people is setting your house on fire, and your response is to try to make your house fireproof, is that an aggressive action?

Here is how my mother once explained feminism to me: there are a thousand roads that a woman can take in life, a thousand career paths, a thousand relationship choices, etc etc. I would like women to be able to walk down all of those paths, without getting killed. That’s it. That’s all I want. Look into the numbers yourself and find out whether this is currently true. 

The fact that you feel upset by the above tweets is to be honest, demonstrative of exactly that point. You’re worried that a woman has implied that you could be violent. That woman, backed by statistical evidence, is worried that women will be shot. Maybe let’s solve the problem of women being shot first, and then move on to perception?