RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

I feel you are the type of person to take peoples rebuttals personally which completely defeats the purpose of a healthy debate. I say that because you come off as very abrasive in your text which takes the fun out of discussing opposing views on a topic. If we are going to get anywhere in our conversations, please don’t take offense to what i say. i am not attacking you, i am attacking your argument. We aren’t enemies because we have opposing views about something. i am on your side. Keep an open mind and i will do the same. Also, if we stray from the topic a little to get our points across, as long as its still relevant to the topic in some way its perfectly okay. that’s what makes this fun! i get to see your view and you get to see mine. sometimes i cant fully explain my view on a topic unless i hit all aspects of it, thus the bunny and apple analogy.

Sure, it is easier to eat meat. it is fast, efficient, and cheap hence the reason factory farming exists in the first place. but that doesn’t mean its right. sometimes the easy thing and the right thing do not align. We know it is immoral to get our meat the way we do. that’s why people don’t watch the videos about how it all works, because its sad. no person WANTS to look at our animal friends in pain, but we accept it and move on anyway because its easier and cheaper. People who eat meat are a disgrace because they choose to not know what goes on. they choose to let the suffering continue. Sure the person who consumes meat isn’t actually killing the animal themself, but to me thats even worse! if you cant even go and get the meat yourself. By eating it though, your buying into the industries that DO kill them therefore making you an “accomplice” so to speak. Association with the perpetrator makes you guilty too unfortunately.