RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

“animals were able to exist peacefully among each other for years before humans were introduced to the planet” . we are animals too,or have you forgotten, how are you gonna sit there and tell me that if a cheetah had a gun and knew with that gun he/she they could provide for their family alot quicker than waiting a couple months for a crop to grow, they wouldn’t do it, that’s called logic, if any other species could sit back and watch TV all day, and eat steak in peace, I’m sure they would,and in reply to your baby and bunny and apple theory, I’m sure that baby would eat that bunny and the apple if the bunny was cooked,and please tell me in what case wouldn’t a baby play with an apple, it looks likes a toy to them, that’s ridiculous to say, babies are curious of everything, and you’re going off topic, the way other species of animals are treated in big industries isn’t what the argument is about, it’s if the consumers of the meat are the disgrace, not the ones who kill them and the ones that treat them the way they do, if you wanna get into that create a new thread, and I’ll be happy to comment on that,but back to the argument at hand, I would love to hope if another species were in our position, they wouldn’t kill us and eat us, but like I said that type of stuff is like reading a fairytale, and lastly I wanna go back up to the first thing you said again about “species being able to exist peacefully before humans came to earth, you can’t prove that and you know you can’t, so don’t act like you can.