RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

There is no way to know for sure that if other animals were as evolved as us they would go about killing us and things. The problem is, we don’t just take a gun and shoot an animal. The way we go about getting our meat is atrocious. Factory farming is a terrible terrible industry. We enslave animals and force them to live in unfavorable conditions for our own wants. we dont even need to eat meat to survive anymore. we have the means to feed every single person on this earth without slaughtering innocent creatures. one of the biggest problems mankind faces is assuming that our lives are more important than others. Empathy is the highest kind of thinking, and there is no way that we use empathy when we hurt another living creature who has no say in what happens to them. how can we call ourselves the smartest species? we destroy everything we touch! animals were able to exist peacefully among each other for years before humans were introduced to the planet. our inability to communicate through our voices have hindered our ability to connect with the beautiful creatures that exist on the same earth we do. they feels things just as we do… and please don’t be one of those imbeciles that say plants have feelings… they don’t. they don’t have a nervous system. But even if animals were capable of picking up a gun and killing us, wouldn’t you hope that they would be compassionate enough to get food in other ways if they could? i certainly would. also, humans are biologically not supposed to consume meat. we have no omnivorous instincts. If you put a baby in a crib with an apple and a bunny, you tell me when the baby eats the bunny and plays with the apple.

So that being said, I definitely agree with the notion that all humans who eat meat are a disgrace to mankind. No exceptions.