RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

Well that’s not the argument, the argument is that people who eat meat are a disgrace to all mankind, and I believe that’s completely falsified, yes it is murder, but you’re acting as if these animals wouldn’t do the same if they were as evolved us, take the polar bear for example, they realize they can overpower us easily, and they legit prey on humans, why you ask, to provide for themselves and their kids, and why do we kill, to provide for us and our children the easiest possible way we know how to, it doesn’t sound too different does it, not at all, so please tell me that if cheetahs were able to use guns and knew that if they could shoot us for an easy and quick meal for its family, it wouldn’t, and I know there are some sick people out there who kill animals for sport, but don’t let them drag the rest of humanity down with them not everybody is the same, and it’s very ignorant to put people in a single group like that