RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

Actually to say emtions always cloud judgment Is true,but to say empathy is the highest kind of thinking is an opinion and a stupid one at that.

And another thing, so empathy isnt an emotion but it’s the ability to feel emotions that others feel correct? DOESNT SOUND LIKE VERY HIGH THINKING TO ME.”Oh you’re sad im gonna feel what you feel now to make you feel better okay” sounds pretty moronic right? People judge everything¬† based off of emotions ,it makes no sense to say emotion doesnt always cloud judgment, there not always the worst judments,there not always the best, but none the less emotion still clouds judgment,and why are you even commenting on this post again if I already proved you wrong and you didnt even bother to rebuttle,I’ll tell you why I’m commenting ,because you commented on a post that I already won,and I’m wondering why,theres no reason to prove yourself any further after you already lost an argument, so why?