RE: Everyone who still eats meat is a disgrace to mankind.

I don’t how I’m coming off abrasive in my writing,I’m just saying my opinion, and in the last passage you wrote, there’s no evidence in that , cause you don’t know exactly when we got here, and as far as I know no one does, and you continue to avoid the fact that we are animals too, we are apart of the food chain, and we choose to be on top, and you’re stereotyping people who eat meat now, you say all people who eat meat, choose not to see how it’s made, that’s false, a lot of people who eat meat do know the process in which it’s made, and there’s a lot people who don’t. and you believe people who want to provide for their family very easily with a well balanced meal, is a bad thing? And the only thing I could find on harmonious living is related to Bible readings, that’s nothing to do with eating meat. I’ve said this so many times;both you and me know, if another species was as evolved as us, they would do the same, it’s an easy way to live, you’re basically saying the world’s a disgrace to itself in its own nature, and you can’t say that, because neither me or you know the true nature of this world, so saying that mankind is a disgrace to itself is very immature, you may feel that, but you don’t know the true nature behind mankind so you can’t prove that just because people eat meat they’re a disgrace to mankind, that’s premature thinking.And to your second passage, you think stopping people from eating meat is a probable solution to solve the world’s problems, that’s ridiculous, and yeah you’re right, it’s not unrealistic to “envision” a beautiful world, but to believe that’s going to happen by stopping people from eating meat is unrealistic,it really is. And to your first passage, so If i would eat meat, I’m worst than the people who kill animals for sport, I’m the one treating these animals badly, I’m the one who looks these animals in the face and shoot them between there eyes right? I go to my local Walmart and buy steaks and pork chops as well as lettuce and tomatoes, that makes me a disgrace,right? When you respond to this, please respond to everything, in this passage, I’d appreciate that,i really would.