RE: End of the world/Global warming… either way somethings not right with Earth.

I agree with you. Everything within the Earth, and the Earth itself is creation. You give creation free will, and the only thing that will ever destroy creation is creation itself. We humans as a species are slowly killing ourselves, and one day we will create something that will abominate existence… i believe that happens to be technology. call me crazy, but is it really that hard to believe? i mean, just look around you… its everywhere all the time. Shit, im on a laptop right now! its taking over jobs, human interaction, human brain power…. its been proven technology makes us stupid, since technology causes our brains to go on autopilot, be disengaged and dormant, but yet we still feed into it. we are doing absolutely nothing about it, but im ok with it. Why prolong the existence of a species that lives to cause disturbance, destruction, and hurt?