RE: Donald Trump: American Hero or Dangerous Clown?

No, because hes not gay
There is nothing wrong with being gay but he personally is not. Also, that comment was 13 years ago.

Also, stalin was communist so democrats fit the description perfectly. Trump is not even close. You keep calling him nazi and stalin and other bad leaders, but u r such a hypocrite. The democratic party basically supports socialism. Stalin is communist. Socialism is basically a milder form of communism.

Here is my background. I am asian. My parents are immigrants ( before you say trump is an immigrant hater, let me remind you that he supports immigration, if it is LEGAL). My parents are never involved in politics and have never influenced my political thinking. I thought fir myself by looking at how each party behaves. I have concluded that democrats pretend to do good for everyone just to get votes. I know there are some democrats that really care, but the party leaders are crooked.