RE: Donald Trump: American Hero or Dangerous Clown?

He clearly likes women and he treats women like he would treat men. he treats women as he would treat another human being. If he hates someone, which all people do, he doesn’t treat them different because she’s a woman. For example, Rosie. He doesn’t attack her because he’s a misogynist and hates women, but because she attacked him first and he is allowed to have people he doesn’t like, no matter men or women. He hates some men too, does that make him a man hater? Also, about him being “racist”. Everyone says he’s racist because “oh he called mexicans rapists and african countries shitholes”. I promise you, if Canadians crossed the border with drugs and raped Americans, he would call them out too. it’s just a coincidence that Mexico is a poorer country and do these things. the shithole country statement was also a coincidence. The countries he mentioned, compared to developed countries, are not really good in providing for the people, hence why he called the, shithole countries. it just turns out that the majority of the people there are black. He doesn’t call the African countries shitholes because there are black people, but he calls them out on their development. he doesn’t see the race, he sees the political and economic situation of those countries. Stupid media. yesterday i literally saw cnn put on breaking new: melanie is wearing a bad shirt. Seriously? this is breaking news? you also said breaking news during 9/11. how does melanie’s shirt compare to 9/11? like wtfff. Democrats just are really salty and keep listening to liberal news, which feed them info they want to hear. Please get to know the real donald trump before you judge. There are so many videos on youtube where former women employees talked about how nice and caring he was to them.