RE: Does the abortion debate depends on morality or politics?

I think it is based more on morality. Although the fetus’ heartbeat begins around week 5, the fetus is still a life, and by aborting, you are killing that innocent child. Fetus’ are the most innocent among us, and they could not have done anything wrong to deserve death so young. The fetus deserves all human rights as we do. They should not be treated as a “thing”. They should not get their life taken from them simply for the mother’s convenience. I understand that, when a woman is pregnant and not ready for a baby, it can be hard. But they chose to have sex in the first place, and there are many things you can use to stay protected, such as condoms or birth control, which are very cheap. And instead of killing that child, there’s always another option; adoption. I know you’re pro-life, as I am too, but I just really wanted to get this out.