RE: Does the abortion debate depends on morality or politics?

Abortion has nothing to do with morality anymore. It did, and it should, but it doesn’t. Now the argument is based on convenience. Is the baby gonna be a burden or not. Not whether the baby is a baby. People have now just listened to the media and believe that that is not a baby. The fetus’s heart starts beating at the age of just 3 weeks. Most abortions happen at the ages           4 1/2-12 weeks. For a being to be living they have to have a pulse. When a doctor checks to see if someone is alive, they check for a pulse. If they have one, they are alive. 

Now in this time period, we have reverted the argument to be an argument of politics or convenience. I have no money, kill it. I have no husband, kill it. I don’t want it, kill it.

The main argument in politics is whether they can get affordable birth control. Last i checked, birth control is extremely affordable. The average cost of a condom is around $1. A five year old kid could afford that. Plan B pills cost around $30-$65. Not the cheapest but still affordable. 

Another option is always adoption. 

BuT tHe MoThEr Is In DaNgEr!?!?

A mother has a 0.024% chance of dying from child birth in the US, and that number is going down. And there are 44.5 million babies being killed by abortions. And people die from abortions, sometimes two.