RE: Does God exist?

Here’s my take on religion. you may agree or disagree but maybe it will be thought provoking regardless of how it makes you feel.

It all depends on what you believe ‘god’ to be. All across the board pertinent to religion, there is usually a supreme being or entity, some powerful force that is not something we can understand. some people see god as a once tangible, alive, breathing man. others believe god is not a being but rather a concept, and idea. one person might say god is not real because god in their eyes is a person, meanwhile another person might say god is not real because they understand god to be a force, a mere manifestation of energy, similar to a thought, meaning if you can’t see it you shouldn’t believe it.

i think god is a term we use to describe something much deeper than we understand. humans recognized that spiritual revelations existed, paranormal phenomena was present, and since we couldn’t understand it we had to match a word with its meaning. similarly, i think religion itself was something we created to help us understand what we cant bear to think about: 

the unknown.

yes, death is included in this category of unknown, but its not the only reason we came up with religion which is what most people tend to believe. there are lots of strange happenings that exist and we don’t know how or why. not knowing scares us, thus the creation of religion.

All in all, since religion is such a broad and ever expanding topic, full of claims that have no real actual scientific evidence to support them, believe in what you want. one thing is for sure, energy does exist and there is energy behind everything…. your thoughts, words, actions, etc… so if you believe your entire life that heaven exists and that’s where you are going, your actively sending that vibrational message out into the universe and what you emit to the universe, the universe reciprocates. I’m not saying you’ll get exactly what you want, but exactly what you need.