RE: Does God exist?

Wow, where to start. I’ll start with LemmeFite then go onto SuccessfulLady.

1. No. There never will be.

2. If there is a god, it doesn’t care about only us. We assume that because of the religions we devised.

3. A god would have the ability to watch every life form in all existence simultaneously. It’s a god after all.

4. How much space is in hell? It’s infinite as far as we know.

5. That is something added into religion by men. A god would either not care or force us to not be able to consume those foods.

6. Jesus was supposedly the son of God and created specifically for that purpose. If you grew up knowing for a fact you were the physical form of a god meant to die for humanity and then live in heaven as a god’s right hand, wouldn’t you sacrifice yourself for the sake of humanity? Like come on, heaven sounds really awesome. Am I right?

Now SuccessfulLady:

1. No, it’s not factual. When you make a claim, you must prove the claim. No one has to prove a negative. The person making the claim has to prove the claim. Religion is making the claim. It must prove it or accept that people might not accept words as proof.

2. How would we know for a fact that Earth is it’s prized creation? How do we know whether it has other planets it cares about? You’re assuming based on doctrine. Keep in mind, men wrote the bible. We do not know if they were lying or not. People were very gullible at that time in history. Anyone could claim to hear the voice of a god and say some very clever things and be believed.

3. See response number 2.

4. Ok, you made roughly the same point I did to LemmeFite. So, no need to argue that one.

5. We eat these things and still can live a healthy life. All foods can be harmful depending on their dosage. Also, if god gave us free will and left us open to temptation then it would not set specific rules for something as simple as which foods to eat. Otherwise god would have made a very long and specific list of do’s and dont’s. And the ten commandments do not cover that topic. Those rules were men’s doing.

6. God could speak to us and just tell us what he wanted. That would not interfere with our free will. We would still have the choice to disobey it. The purpose of Jesus was to take our sins onto him because God knew we are screw ups and needed the help.


Now for what I believe: All the matter in our universe had to come from somewhere. There has to be a beginning. Yeah, our universe probably was created from a “big bang”, but all that material involved had to come from somewhere. It didn’t just blink into existence. There has to be a creator of some sort. That would be our god. Though, what religion had done with the idea of a god is purely for moral purposes. It’s a way to scare people into following rules so that society doesn’t fall apart. Notice how messed up our world is becoming as more and more people become atheist? As more and more people ignore the rules of religion? Religion was created by man. And it was a good creation, to some degree. It caused wars when groups didn’t agree, but when all follow the same one, they flourish. Religion is a good way to teach morals that benefit society. Benefit our species. But it’s all technically a lie. Humans are too selfish to exist peacefully without religion because even as smart as we are, we are still selfish and stupid. We need concrete rules to keep our animal instincts at bay. So in short, something created us, but has never interfered and it’s up to us to get our stuff straight. Let’s try being smart and compassionate about it and try to make a better world instead of arguing and fighting about stupid stuff. Are you with me on that point at least?