RE: Does God exist?

Working my way down
answer to 6: what do you mean behaving like Adam and Eve? all they did was eat the apple after being manipulated by the ‘devil’ and then God chucked them out, leaving them to their own devices, and if god was ok with having free will then why the hell would Adam and Eve be the only exception? he didn’t even take in to account that the devil might’ve done it. Also why the heck would he place a knowledge apple tree right next to them, was there nowhere else to plant the thing? if he knew what could potentially happen, why would he only give them a warning. if he is real then boy he is not bright.
5: Mere suggestions ey? if it is only mere suggestions then why focus on it so much? you clearly have read the bible a lot, and if YOU don’t even know what the hell is the truth then why claim you know it and teach others? also, the bible is suggesting that the Noah’s ark could’ve happened, where god literally killed everyone in the world, ‘all loving’. the science behind having 2 of each animal on a single ship is also stupidly impossible, fitting them on an ark with one person that built it is just….
4: If it is that then how the hell does god keep track of everything
3: No, wrong, simply put. All loving implies that he loves each living thing equally, he wont have a ‘prized creation’, plus he killed everyone. Did you know that he killed more people than the devil?
2 and 1: well then how are we ever gonna know if he’s real? just like the big bang theory, there is no evidence to disprove it, so it must be real/factual.