RE: Does God exist?

God does exist & I can explain it to you if you are willing to hear me out. 1. Yes, the way humans are made/their functioning is the biggest thing. The Bible does count because it is seen as a theory in the science sector & theories can only be disproved and not approved. Therefore, unless there is evidence to disapprove it, it is factual. 2. God’s ways can never be explained in its entirety because he is not of this world. That is why scientists will forever have a career because they will never discover all there is to know about the earth, world, God, etc. He cares about earth because it is where his most prized creation is, but he still cares about the universe. 3. Humans are God’s most prized creation & therefore he cares about us more than we will ever know. He cares about all of his creation but humans are the only part of his creation that he gave free will and he knows that, that is a dangerous thing because humans can choose not to follow & obey him and he wants us to have the best life but will not force us to get it. If he did, many people would hate him because of the lack of free will. 4. We can’t say. Just as space spans with no limit, so does hell & Heaven. 5. You must understand that some things in the Bible are just mere suggestions, this is one of them. Religion and ritual has corrupted & taken God’s word to form what they want to be interpreted out of it instead of what God intended. It is suggested that we only eat things that are not fowl such as catfish because they are the “vacuums of the ocean” meaning that they suck in all of the trash of the ocean & when you eat them, you it the trash, etc. However, it is a suggestion but it is for your good. You must not confuse religion with the Kingdom of God because it will deter you from the best thing that will ever happen in your life on earth & beyond. The Bible does not give any set days for certain food intake, that is religious. That is why you must read the Bible & interpret it correctly for yourself or the “blind leads the blind and they both fall into a ditch.” 6. Jesus is the flesh & spirit version of God in the sense that a son resembles his father. God’s spirit was within Jesus when he walked the earth because without a body, God would be illegal on earth because he made it that way so that he could not interfere with the free will of humans. God created Jesus so that he would be able to come to earth if need be as a backup plan for if humans behaved as Adam & Eve did in the beginning & needed help. That is why Jesus came to earth because humans needed saving again and a way to get back to God’s original intent for us. Again, we were given free will and God does not go back on his word so all that he could do was come back in the spirit in flesh form & give us the opportunity to be in his presence again. Lastly, there is do much more that I can tell you about God, creation, etc. but it would take time and a lot of words, but I love teaching people the truth and do not mind explaining whatever I can regarding the subject. The Kingdom of God is my focus and religion was established to profit off of people’s lack of knowledge. Jesus said, “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” and he also cursed the religious leaders when he was on earth-it is in the Bible- because they were teaching the people false things and therefore sending themselves and the people to hell. If you have any other questions, I am more than happy to answer them but they will more than likely be lengthy because of the depth of the topic, but if you and anyone else are willing to listen and practice these things, I promise that your life will be forever changed for the best. By the way, I found Kingdom because practicing religion almost killed me. From SuccessfulLady
  1. what do you mean it is seen as a theory in the science sector? If I created a theory that there was such a thing as pink unicorns or the lockness monster, you would not be able to disprove that but you wouldn’t be able to prove it either. does that make it fact? theories are not seen as the same as fact in science and not being able to disprove something does not in any way make it true.
  2. do you think it is logical that if God created the universe, his most valuable creation would be us when in fact the matter that we are made of only makes up 4.9% of the universe. the rest is dark matter and dark energy. if he loves and cares about humanity so much why would most of the universe be comprised of matter which differs in nature to us and has no relation to life. why would God make so much matter which does not relate to us, if we are so important to him?
  3. what evidence do you have that humans have free will and animals do not?
  4. where do you think heaven and hell are exactly – from a cosmological perspective? another planet? a multiverse? what do you think it looks like? do you think people can interact with each other? how? how would it be possible for people to leave earth without their bodies when our thoughts and actions and everything that makes up our personalities happens because of brain chemistry and biological brain matter that exists here on earth? 
  5. if god created the universe, where do you think god came from?