RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

I continue to believe in science to understand what is around me. 
Scientists of any era use the tools they have at their disposal and try to use data to explain things. Of course, sometimes they’re wrong… but the way they find it is through further testing (otherwise known as SCIENCE!). To claim sure knowledge that the universe was created by some being… who then left the Earth uninhabited by humans for 95%+ of the time… only to knock them out in the last five thousand years… and that being gets angry at some people, throws a tantrum and wipes out the the entire population (except for a boat filled with two of every 5 million creatures)… who then listens to prayers and intercedes in bible stories, but doesn’t feel compelled to help stop the slaughter of millions and doesn’t seem to have a problem with babies in Africa contracting AIDS…  there’s kind of a problem there.

So… I was raised as a Catholic, so it’s tough confronting this kind of stuff… but it’s getting harder and harder to justify the belief in all answers coming from a book put together and severely edited by humans with various axes to grind.  I’ll take science… who will eventually (if the human race survives itself) find out the reasons for most things…